Phuket and Pattaya ONLY!
Crazy Deals in Phuket and Pattaya!

For a limited time, you and a friend can enjoy two of our most majestic treatments at an incredible discount. These 2-hour Signature Massages are among our most popular because they combine traditional Thai massage with aromatherapy massage, Swedish massage, hot-stone therapy, hot oil massage, and more. So, find a way to get to Phuket or Pattaya and bring a friend to take advantage of this crazy-good Buy-1-Get-1 Free deal. Only available in Phuket and Pattaya and only offered until 31 January 2019, plus you must schedule your appointment for 10 am.

OMG! Buy 1 get 1 FREE Chiang Mai Only

It might sound crazy but it’s true, pay for one spa package and we’ll give you another one FREE. We’re doing it because we’re crazy about YOU. Come double your pleasure and double your fun with our Buy1-Get-1-Free sale. BUT, THERE IS ONE PROBLEM – this crazy-good deal is AVAILABLE ONLY AT OASIS SPAS IN CHIANG MAI. You have from now through 24 December of this year to get here and bring a friend to enjoy our Buy-1-Get-1-Free Sale on all spa packages and 2-hour Signature Massages.

Save Big on eGifts!
Give an eGift this holiday & Save up to 50% on Select Spa Packages

With an Oasis Spa eGift you can give the gift of Peace, Joy, and Love to everyone on your gift list (including yourself) plus receive up to 50% off on some of our very best and most popular spa packages. This is THE Perfect Gift! How can you go wrong by giving your friends (or even your enemies) a Peaceful Pampering Day? Order as many eGifts as you like.

Pssst, don’t tell anyone but YOU can get as many eGifts as you want for yourself and use them over the next 6 months! Think of all the money you could save.

Try Tok Sen 2 for only 3,900 ++THB

You haven’t experienced everything Thai massage offers until you've tried Tok Sen. Tok means “tapping” and Sen refers to the meridian lines. Deep vibrations produced by tapping wooden instruments along the meridian lines are transformative. When combined with stretching, Thai herbal balm, and aromatherapy techniques, the experience is relaxing and uniquely therapeutic.

Try the 90-minute Tok Sen Treatment for 2 persons for only 3,900++THB (normal price for two is 5,800++THB), now available at all Oasis Spa locations until 28 February 2019!


This very popular 2-hour, “East-Meets-West” massage combines Thai massage techniques and Thai herbal hot compresses with a western style aromatherapy massage. The body’s energy pathways are reopened, circulation is enhanced, energy levels increased, and overall health and mental wellbeing are promoted. You can expect relief from pain and stiff muscles, improved sleep, reduced stress, and so much more. 

Oasis Journey 9,999.- THB (2 persons)

Regardless of where you are located in Phuket, a romantic spa journey of beauty, serenity and restoration is only minutes away and it includes free transportation (even from outside the normal transportation area). This fantastic value for a couple allows each person to choose one of the following featured 3-hour treatments at Thailand's most prestigious day spa – The Oasis Spa. 

BUY 1 GET 1 FREE! “Golden Sensation Deal”

Indulge yourself and someone else in a “Golden Sensation” treatment and enjoy a Buy-1-Get-1-Free DEAL.  

First, a body scrub exfoliates your skin while scents of Sandalwood, Frankincense and Jasmine delight the senses. Then, a Thai massage elevates your wellbeing. Finally, an Aromatherapy Massage with gold flakes in essential oils makes you glitter. After 3 hours you look and feel amazing. Available in Phuket and Pattaya only.

Try Our Fabulous Four Hand Massage for Less

Try our fabulous Four Hand Massage for less… A LOT LESS! Experience the incredible Voyage of the Golden Lanna Signature Massage with an incredible discount.  Book online and get our Buy 1-Get-Another-1 at 50% Off deal.

This 90 Minute, four-hand Signature Massage guides your mind, body, and soul to new places of delight. The therapists hands dance in harmony  to cover your body with fragrant oils infused with gold.   Available at Oasis Spas in Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Pattaya only.

Need a Massage Soon?

Now you can book your appointment online only 2 hours ahead and still get big savings.

All you need to do is follow these simple steps:

1. Enter date, time and the location… click “Book Now”.

2. Choose your spa package or treatment (discounts will vary for each item).

3. Purchase your treatment online and you will get immediate confirmation

Aromatherapy HOT Oil Massage 1 hour 30 mins NOW only 1,699++

Experience the balance between pure relaxation and energetic recharge - and save money at the same time!! This Signature Massage combines the best of Swedish massage therapy,  Thai massage technique and Aromatherapy. Pressure-point massage stimulates the acupressure points to dissolve blockages, while the stretching and deep palming promotes relaxation and healing.  The aromatic oils heal and soothe the whole body. This massage is especially beneficial for those who have stiff shoulders or back pain.